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Geese Migrations Book - Judy Niemeyer is excited to announce the publication of their first book, called Geese Migrations! A new approach to pattern design by, they organized a series of 6-inch blocks, including Geese and Stars, and collaborated with 27 Certified Shops to complete a dynamic and colorful group of patterns! Including designs by Judel and Judy Niemeyer, as well as the Certified Shops, the book has a total of 29 Quilt Patterns!

The book includes the directions for making each of the blocks (units) that were featured for the book project, including general cutting and piecing instructions. It then includes a spread for EACH of the patterns, with a full color picture, yardage, and specific cutting and piecing directions for each quilt! At the end, there are a few pages that will discuss how to increase the size of your quilt, figure out your own yardage for a quilt that you might want to make using the blocks, in your own layout, and how to add borders.

At about 160 pages, this book will be an excellent resource for instructors and students alike, along with a wonderful coffee table book with beautiful pictures of each design! Select below to purchase the book, along with any of the 29 paper piecing packages.

Note: The paper piecing packages must be purchased separately for each project you would like to do! Cost for the paper piecing packages will vary based on the size and complexity of the project.

The book is an excellent way to reduce the cost of Judy Niemeyer patterns published that use the same units. The instructions are compiled in the book, and you only need to purchase newsprint packages for each project you want to make! Make 1, or make them all! And, don't forget to share pictures of your finished projects with us when you are done!

Always Quilting will be offering project kits and a class with this book. Watch our website for more information. And we are happy to work with you to provide a custom fabric kit for any of the projects in the book!

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Geese Migrations Book ea $34.95
Geese Migrations Papers (cover quilt) ea $22.00
Fish Ladder Papers ea $14.00
Canadiana Papers ea $18.00
Montana's Native Splendor Papers ea $30.00
Pyrotechnic Geese Papers ea $20.00
Constellation Papers ea $30.00
Circling the Sun Papers ea $14.00
Cabin Comforts Papers ea $34.00
Ripples Papers ea $14.00
Tropical Storm Papers ea $24.00
Always Chasing Rainbows Papers ea $24.00
Snow Birds Papers ea $40.00
Celestial Flight Papers ea $22.00
Breaking Down Papers ea $24.00
Fairytale Courtyard Papers ea $22.00
Persian Nights Papers ea $24.00
Wave Pool Papers ea $16.00
Reflections Over Lake Erie Papers ea $19.00
Geese Over the Flathead Papers ea $18.00
Turkey Tracks Papers ea $24.00
Seasons Change Papers ea $24.00
Flight Path Papers ea $24.00
Duckling Parade Papers ea $28.00
Spangled Star ea $52.00
In Formation Papers ea $38.00
Southern Comfort Papers ea $30.00
Swirling Geese Papers ea $14.00
Mediterranean Gardens Papers ea $30.00

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