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Henrietta Whiskers Pattern and Full Quilt Kit - 50% off regular price

48″ x 50″
Henrietta Whiskers is a very special squirrel!  Her name was selected from hundreds of entries in Anne Sutton's “name that squirrel” contest.  See below to read the "tale" of how Henrietta got her name.  She’s an adventurous squirrel that we hope you’ll love. This quilt was designed for her! The block patterns include Henrietta, of course, with a wide variety of pumpkins, cats, crows, and much more!  Fabrics in the kit are very similar to the fabrics on the pattern cover.  Kit includes the pattern and all of the fabrics you need to make the top, plus binding.  Enjoy! 

The Tale of Henrietta Whiskers by Anne Sutton for Bunny Hill Designs:
Henrietta Whiskers is a very special squirrel. Her name was selected from hundreds of entries in my “name that squirrel" contest.  Here’s the story from the winning entry:

Hi Anne,
Many years ago my son found a baby squirrel, cold and half dead. He brought it home and begged me to save it. I knew we needed to get it warm first, so while I prepared a basket with a hot water bottle, my son tucked the little fellow inside his shirt. We raised this little guy to adulthood and the name Tyler gave him was Henry Whiskers. We never really had any squirrels in our neighborhood, but after releasing Henry I noticed the population grew quite a bit. Tyler always said Henry found a “quirrel friend" I think he was right. My son passed away 10 years ago at the age of 14, but I swear I just saw Henry the other day. You see, Henry had an accident where he lost most of his tail, and the squirrel I saw had just a stub of a tail too. You called your squirrel a girl so I would like to submit the name Henrietta Whiskers. I’d like to think there are several squirrels out there related to our little Henry.

Thank you Twila for such a wonderful story! I hope you love Henrietta. She’s grown a new tail!

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