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More Necklaces Braided on the Kumihimo Disk by Karen DeSousa

By: Karen DeSousa This book has more of everything you would want regarding Kumihimo braiding! More patterns. More necklaces. More great tips for making and finishing beautiful braids. Suitable for beginners, challenging enough for the more experienced.

The book revisits the round braid (for beginners) and then pumps it up by adding seed beads and finishes without findings. The Laramie Twist, the 16 bobbin Roundabout, a different round braid that lets you evenly space out beads and crystals called the Top and Bottom Tango, and the Color Tipped Swirl which puts an edge of color to a fabulous twist braid. If that weren't enough, the book then tells you how to turn these great braids into beautiful necklaces. Fun, elegant, artistic, fun!

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