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Men and the Art of Quiltmaking - Joe Cunningham

What are they thinking?! The first professional quilters were men, participants in every aspect involving the production of textiles. Once quilting became a 19th century hobby and artistic pursuit, women became the predominant enthusiasts. Now there is a steadily growing collection of male quilt artists. What are they thinking? What are they creating? Is it different from what women quilters do? This is the only book addressing not just this corner of quilt history, but also the design sense of 30 men quilters via 10 exclusive patterns or processes for quilts ranging from traditional to contemporary. Interviews conducted by author and lecturer Joe Cunningham (famous for his musical quilt show, 'Joe the Quilter') are accompanied by more than 100 photos, including full or detail views of two or three quilts typical of each man's work. To date the only easily accessible records of men's quilts and quilting in the modern era have been exhibit catalogs and magazine articles. Men and the Art of Quiltmaking will enlighten you and spark your creativity.

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