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Countryside Tile Scenes - Anita Goodesign Special Edition

The Countryside Tile Scene Special Edition is truly unlike anything else we have ever done. The collection consists of 5 different scenes. Each scene has 4 blocks with included artwork for the printed fabric. There is no need to worry about how to create these tile scenes. A complete tutorial is included that will explain how to create each scene from printing out the background fabric, to what colors of thread you will need.

Creating a tile scene is one of the most difficult types of projects to digitize. All of the shading and color blending is created by hand. We use hand shading on all of our designs. You may be wondering what makes this collection different. The trick with shading a tile scene is that all of the blocks need to match and fit together perfectly using the same techniques.

You will be amazed with the level of detail in the finished project. The end result is a piece of art or quilt that looks as if you’ve painted on your colors by hand! As Emily Dickinson said, “Dwell in possibility” of creating your very own masterpiece!


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