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Joy Boy - Anita Goodesign

What better name for this project could there be than "Joy Boy"? Not only is he holding the word "joy" in his outstretched arms, but just the sight of him on your door or wall is bound to spread some Christmas joy!

The project consists of 5 design files in 2 sizes--6x10 hoop (finished size 14" high) and 7x12 hoop (finished size 17" high) and is done completely in the hoop with no additional sewing required. Each piece features an interfaced back fabric and a dense fleece batting filling to provide body, and the pieces are embellished with whimsical detail stitching that add to his charm. As the pieces are created, they are attached to each other in the hoop and our friend "grows" to completion. At that point, the fun begins as you add sparkles, buttons, brads, or whatever strikes your fancy. And the end result? JOY!

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