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Flowers 1, 2, 3 - Anita Goodesign Premium Collection

This new Premium Collection is the perfect follow up to our Quilting 1, 2, 3 technique, allowing you to create completely custom flower combinations for dozens of different projects as easily as 1, 2, 3! Once you’ve created your 3D flowers, it’s up to you how you’ll use them!

This tutorial book includes several ideas and instructions for how you might use your floral designs to create unique and fun projects. Try stitching them in different textured fabrics. They look beautiful tone-on-tone, as well as in all of your favorite colors. You can even spray paint or dye them to create unique centerpieces, topiaries, wreaths, and sew much more!

This collection includes:
50 Different floral design sets, each with 3 layers of petals.
12 Freestanding lace flower design sets.
6 Flower centers.
Unique leaves in 2 sizes each.


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