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Jenny Haskins presents a Galleria of Machine Artistry and Quilting Paperback and Design CD

Together, Jenny and Simon are proud to present "A Galleria of Machine Artistry and Quilting" to celebrate the launch of the Bernina 8-Series machines. This book features the amazing talents of 29 Australian embroidery, fiber, art-to-wear, and quilting machine artists who are world-class award-winning masters of their chosen fields. It also includes the directions to make Black and White Dreams, a quilt by Lizzy Allen and the award winning quilt Bernina and Me by Kim Bradley, along with garments and quilts from such award winning artists as Ruth Osborn, Kirrie Toose, Mariya Waters, Val Moore, Trudy Billingsley, Jenny Bowker and Wendy Wright - to mention just a few.

Includes a FREE CD with all the designs to make the Black and White Dreams quilt.

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