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Kimberbell Project Batting

Style: Kimberbell Project Batting 19" x 3 yards

Price:  $ 29.98 
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Style: Kimberbell Stabilizer Slap Bands - Set of 13

Price:  $ 24.99 
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Kimberbell Project Batting gives dimension, texture, and stability to a variety of sewing and machine embroidery projects. Woven with a scrim liner to prevent stretching and pilling, our batting is made from a soft cotton/poly blend and is safely laundered in the washer and dryer. 85/15 Cotton Poly Blend Scrim liner woven through the batting prevents stretching and pilling No need for additional stabilizer when stitching with backing fabric Machine washable and dryer safe. Kimberbell Project Batting is part of the line of the new Kimberbell Specialty Stabilizers. See details below regarding other products in this line. From the industry leader known for teaching embroidery skills and innovative techniques, comes an incredible new line of stabilizer. Finding the right stabilizer for embroidery projects has never been simpler! - Kimberbell's color system makes each type of stabilizer easily recognizable - Ombre color gradient indicates light, medium, or heavy stabilizer - Specialty stabilizers include our favorite Fusible Backing, embroidery toppings and foundations - 12" and 20" rools, plus precuts of the most popular stabilizers for 5" x 7" hoops - Thoroughly tested to Kimberbell's high standard of qualtity for beautiful results! The Specialty category includes our favorite Fusible Backing, Embroidery Toppings, and Foundations. Everything you will need for your machine embroidery project!

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