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Kimberbell Nativity Bench Pillow - CD, Fabric Kit, Embellishment Kit, and Thread Kit

Style: Kimberbell Nativity Bench Pillow - Machine Embroidery CD KD5127

Price:  $ 44.98 
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Style: Kimberbell Nativity Bench Pillow Fabric Kit KIT-MASNTVBP

Price:  $ 40.00 
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Style: Kimberbell Nativity Bench Pillow Embellishment Kit KDKB1279

Price:  $ 29.98 
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Style: Kimberbell Nativity Bench Pillow Glide Thread Collection

Price:  $ 117.80 
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***Pre-order only.  Your order will be actually be charged and shipped when the kits and CDs arrive in September***

Celebrate the season with Kimberbell’s Nativity Bench Pillow! The holy family is safely ensconced in an applique stable, while Fairy Lights twinkle in the starry night sky. Shepherds and wise men are coming to greet them, a shimmering Mylar star and angel guiding their way!

Create your pillow in 5×7 (or larger) hoops, then slip a 16 x 38” Pillow Insert through the zippered enclosure. With swaying palm trees, Applique Glitter sand, Flexi Foam animals, and “Joy to the World” sentiment, Kimberbell’s Nativity Bench Pillow is a peaceful reminder that all is calm and all is bright.

For the embellishment kit, we’ve gathered all the exquisite details for your Nativity Bench Pillow! Celebrate the season with Flexi Foam, twinkling Fairy Lights, shimmery Mylar, a strip of Applique Glitter, and more! 

The Kimberbell Nativity Bench Pillow Thread Collection has all the colors you need to complete Kimberbell's Nativity Bench Pillow! Contains 20 spools of Glide 40 wt thread - 1,100 yds each.

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