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Lumenaris Faithfully Waiting Mat Wool Felt Kit

The Faithfully Waiting Mat by Lumenaris is 15" wide by 10" high. Kit includes precision cut wool felt parts, floss, and needle. This is an advanced kit. The bird looking over its shoulder (called an embracing position) signifies one who is waiting for their spouse to return. The bird is a sign of good luck and happiness. The cream colored background symbolizes purity and the scalloped border represents an ocean with waves for smooth sailing. The red of the tulip symbolizes strong emotion with faith and trust. The red in the rosette of the Rose of Sharon flower symbolizes safeguard against harm.

The kit contains everything you need to start, including Precision cut wool felt including backing, floss, needle, and instructions. Wool felt is 20-35% wool. Suitable for Age 13+

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