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Little Foot 1/4"Featherweight Presser foot (clear with red marks)

The Little Foot 1/4" Presser Foot is made of clear Lexan for greater visibility for all your machine piecing. Little Foot was designed as an aid for quilters to obtain consistent 1/4" seam allowance. The right side of the foot is exactly 1/4" to right side of the needle. By aligning your fabric with this edge for every seam, you will achieve a consistent allowance. The left side is wider to cover more feed dog for better fabric control. It is notched 1/4" in front of and behind the needle center as a reference for starting, stopping and pivoting. Low Shank. For Featherweight 221 and other low shank machines. Make sure you read the directions before use. This is a great tool to have!

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