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Braided Twist Template and Booklet by Cheryl Phillips

The Braided Twist tool is an amazing new tool that comes with a whole book of amazing possibilities!! The Beauty of the Braided Twist is the simplicity! No Quilting, No Binding, No Handwork!! How?... The magic is in hidden center seam!! YOU JUST TWIST! The Braided Twist tool is backed with a book full of twists and turns. Each runner is made with the same basic technique but there's more! Learn the Basics, then add details. The 45 twist is where the creativity starts. You'll want a Squedge 45 (or any other 45 degree tool works!) Once you have the basics down take it further... Try twisting a basic and 45 together, or make it reversible, or make it longer or shorter. All the yardage is figured out for you in the book! To top it all off, the booklet includes the Bonus Blossom! These are so fun to make, you won't want to make just one! Great for gifts or for your own decor! By Cheryl Phillips.

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