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Fix-A-Stitch Set of Three Tools

Style: Fix-A-Stitch Set of Three Tools

Price:  $ 14.95 
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Style: Fix-A-Stitch Lace Weight Tool

Price:  $ 14.95 
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Style: Fix-A-Stitch Tool Bag

Price:  $ 12.95 
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Sooner or later, every knitter needs to Fix-A-Stitch! Fix-A-Stitch enables a knitter to repair garter stitch fabric as easily as stockinette ?? And of course it also works on seed stitch or other patterns. It simply allows you to knit or purl with the same tool from the front of the work with a single device. Three sizes of the Fix-A-Stitch are included in each package, and are at these approximate needle sizes: .06" - 1.55mm (size 000 needle) .14" - 3.5mm (size 4 needle, works with sock yarn) .2" - 5mm (size 8 needle) .28" - 7mm (size 10.75 needle) The Fix-A-Stitch is proudly Made in the USA. Get yours today!

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