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Grip-n-Grip 12 1/2" X 17"

Grabs your project and won't let go! This craft sheet is a Revolutionary Non-Stick Surface with Rubber Grip. Aids in hooping embroidery hoops, marking quilt tops, coloring on fabric, making quilt labels, and many other uses. Also great for signing friendship quilts. This is also the perfect accessory for paintstik work. Place your fabric on the mat and it stays where you put it. Great for stenciling -- no need to tape your fabric to your work surface. Also keeps rubbing plates where you put them! Size: 12.5" x 17". Grip-n-Grip mats also make a fantastic "block stop" when you are carving linoleum sheets and blocks. Put the sheet or block on the Grip-n-Grip mat and banish any worries about your lino moving on your work surface. This tool is fabulous - get yours today! From Bear Thread Designs.

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