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Ornamental Peacocks - Anita Goodesign

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of the peacock with our Ornamental Peacock Collection. These stunning designs capture the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of one of nature's most breathtaking creatures. With hand-placed digitizing and a range of iridescent shades, these designs are sure to fascinate and inspire you.

Featuring 32 different designs, the Ornamental Peacock Collection offers a diverse array of multi-hued peacock motifs. Each design has been carefully crafted to showcase the peacock's majestic feathers and striking presence. From the regal display of its tail to the delicate details of its plumage, these designs truly capture the essence of this spectacular bird.

The versatility of this collection allows you to incorporate these stunning peacock designs into a wide range of projects. Illuminate your home with peacock-themed wall decor or create eye-catching peacock pillows that will add a touch of elegance to any space. For those with a passion for fashion, these designs can be used to create unique and truly one-of-a-kind clothing pieces that showcase your individual style.

What sets the Ornamental Peacock designs apart is the use of appliqué techniques. Underneath the intricate embroidery, each design incorporates an appliqué layer, adding depth and dimension to the final result. This creates a captivating effect, making the peacocks appear as if they may come to life and fly right out of the hoop. The combination of meticulous embroidery and the appliqué base brings these designs to a whole new level of realism and artistry.

Note:  the Kimberbell Glitter Sheets and/or the Kimberbell Embroidery Leather would be perfect for the metallics in the projects! 

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