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The Applique Pressing Sheet - Non-stick Fabric Sheet - various sizes

Style: Applique Pressing Sheet 13 x 17

Price:  $ 15.99 
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Style: Applique Pressing Sheet 18 x 20

Price:  $ 21.99 
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Style: Applique Pressing Sheet 27 x 30

Price:  $ 48.99 
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This double-sided sheet is made from a ultra high temperature fabric and is coated with non-stick Polylon. The release all sheet is guaranteed for 5 years. Instructions for its multi-uses are included. Perfect for Fusible Applique projects! Three sizes available, 27x30, 18x20 and 13x17.

Instructions for use:
1. Prepare all pattern pieces for fusible web or fusible interfacing applique - see related instruction sheets for these methods. 2. Place the pattern placement guide under the pressing sheet. Pin to keep from shifting.
3. Align your first applique piece with the outline of the design from the placement guide. Lay the pattern piece fusible side down on the pressing sheet. Press and lift the iron to fuse in place - do not slide.
4. Continue placing each piece and fusing in place until you have layered the entire design. With some designs, there will be sections of the design that are layered on top of larger pieces - if you placed the larger piece first, you would block the outline view of the other pieces that are on top. To work around this, first fuse the smaller front pieces as a unit, let it cool and peel off the unit, and place and fuse the larger back piece. Now fuse the front pieces onto the larger back piece.
5. Let the fabric cool completely before peeling off the entire design as a completed unit.
6. Now you are ready to fuse your design onto your background fabric or project.

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